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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It’s Bridezilllllllllllaaaaa!

No Bride-to-Be wants to be tagged as a Bridezilla, but certain behavior can earn even the most well- mannered Bride this unbecoming title. The term “Bridezilla” was first used by the Boston Globe Newspaper back in June of 1995 in an article describing overbearing, perfectionist, and difficult to deal with Brides-to-Be. Chances are if you think you might be a Bridezilla then you probably are, but just in case you’re unsure, check our list of common incidents that can have your friends and family fleeing from your path.
Talking about the wedding non-stop! Yes, getting married is very exciting and stressful and it’s great for a bride to plan with enthusiasm but keep in mind the world is still turning outside of wedding –land. There will a time and a place for chat about roses vs. dahlias, and 3 tiers or 4, but try to remember to ask your friends about the happenings in their lives too and don’t always let the conversation veer back to your big day.
Spending yourselves (or your parents) into the Poorhouse!  It’s perfectly natural to want the best of the best for your big day but going seriously over-budget to achieve it is serious Bridezilla behavior. Even worse, your Mom and Dad shouldn’t have to remortgage their house for their baby girl to have $100 per plate meals and crystal candelabras. Expecting this of them is not practical and newlywed bliss will certainly be strained by wedding debt.
Failing to spend time with the Fiancé! When wedding planning and vendor meetings take precedence over spending time with your fiancé, it can set a poor course for the future marriage and stress out the current relationship. You love each other, that’s  why you’re doing this in the first place, take time to do un-wedding related things or decide on “No-Wedding-Wednesdays” (or something) when no wedding talk is allowed.
Fighting with Friends and Family! Weddings aren’t just a stressful time for Brides and Grooms, but can also take a toll on friends and family surrounding the couple. Parents and friends WILL have an opinion about a lot of your plans, and if you don’t want to hear that they don’t agree with yours then don’t ask. Now is not the time to fight with your mom about the seating arrangement or centerpieces. Or with your best friend about whether or not she gets bangs before your wedding. These little details aren’t worth getting worked up over, keep your eye on the prize and focus on the grand scheme of things. Unwillingness to compromise can get you Bridezilla status quickly.
Expecting Preferential Treatment! Quick to point the Bridezilla finger can be your wedding vendors. Brides and Grooms that are rude to or think they deserve something extra from these industry professionals will find they’re doing more harm than good. Couples should remember that florists, bakers, seamstresses, musicians and photographers work very hard in their lines of work and often with couples who are emotional and feeling the stress of spending large amounts of money. Adding even more animosity to the situation could result in less-than-perfect results on your wedding day. You should be able to trust that they’ve been in every situation before and they know what they’re doing.

Some tips to avoid the Bridezilla Meltdown:
1.       Set a budget and stick to it, shop around to suppliers and discuss extra costs before committing to get the most bang for your buck.
2.       Take time for yourself between appointments and dress fittings and viewings to just relax, otherwise something really minor could end up setting you off or too much stress could cause you to get sick.
3.       Resist the temptation to control every little thing. Focus on the most important tasks and delegate smaller items as much as you can.
4.       Remember at the end of all of this you’re going to be married and that goal should be at the top of every list. 


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