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Monday, October 15, 2012

Wedding Guest Faux Pas.

A wedding can easily become the social event of the season so if you're lucky enough to be invited to share in a couple’s Big Day here are our Top Five Rules of what NOT to do as a guest at someone’s wedding:
1.       Send out a late RSVP - There are dates on these things for a reason people, it’s so the Bride and Groom will have lots of time to sit down and tackle the dreaded task of designing a seating chart. Try to do them the courtesy of letting them know whether you're coming or not in a timely manner.
2.       Bring an uninvited “Plus-One” -  The invitation will be addressed (that’s how it got to you in the first place) if you are married it will say To: Mr. & Mrs., if you are not it may say To: Your name and Guest.  And if you don’t mark that you're bringing a date then don't bring a date. Going back to the seating chart thing it can give both the bride and the caterer headache.  Also if you have children and their names aren't on the invitation don’t bring them. Hire a babysitter and enjoy your night off ;)
3.       Wear White - This is a huge pet peeve of mine, a guest wearing white to a wedding is not acceptable. The Bride wears white. You don’t. It’s that simple. 
4.       Skip the Ceremony and go to the Reception – First of all that’s really rude, secondly ceremonies are typically 15 minutes to max an hour long, you really can't sit still for that long? Pretty soon you'll be wining and dining on the Bride and Groom’s dime anyway so do them the favor of attending the ceremony you'll be celebrating afterward.
5.       Going nuts on an Open Bar – You're there to party, we get that, but going way overboard on the open bar isn't cool. You're going to end up being “that guy” totally plastered and grinding on the Groom’s Granny and yelling ‘”shots, shots, shots, shots” along with LMFAO. If the videographer manages to miss this, there’s no way somebody’s smart phone won’t be uploading it to Facebook a few minutes later, so even if you're so drunk you won't remember, there will be proof following you around for years to come.  I’d like to add to this one that if you order a drink, enjoy it. The Bride and Groom are paying for every shot poured and beer cracked so don't be wasteful. 


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