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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Something Old & Something New

Something Old, Something New, 
Something Borrowed, Something Blue. 
Something every Bride's heard a million times right, but what does this little poem have to do with getting married? Well tradition of course!
We wear Something Old to symbolize continuity with the Bride's family and the past. Something New to celebrate optimism and hope for the Bride's new beginnings. Something Borrowed usually from a happily married family member or friend who's luck will carry over to the newlyweds.The borrowed item also reminds the Bride that she can always count on her friends and family. Something Blue because blue has been recognized for centuries as a colour connected to weddings. Ancient Roman Brides wore blue to symbolize their love and modesty. Christianity often depicts the Virgin Mary in blue, so the colour is associated with purity. And before the late 19th century blue was a popular choice for wedding gowns, hence the saying "marry in blue, lover be true". 
Of course this tradition is open to interpretation, no one ever said what shade of blue it had to be, or exactly how old the "old" item has to be. Lets just say that a little extra luck never hurt anyone. As for the last line of this poem "And a sixpence in her shoe" well I think we'll save that for another day.


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