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Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Lifetime of Anniversaries

On a somewhat more personal note than I usually write about, my Grandparents recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. This got me thinking about all their years of wedded bliss and all the years Grandpa’s spent spoiling Grandma with beautiful gifts. So I knew that 60 years was the Diamond Anniversary, but I wanted to know more. With a little hunting, it was easy to track down a list of traditional gifts to celebrate years of anniversaries:
1st Anniversary - Paper
2nd Anniversary - Cotton
3rd Anniversary - Leather
4th Anniversary - Linen
5th Anniversary - Wood
6th Anniversary - Iron
7th Anniversary - Copper or Brass
8th Anniversary - Bronze or Electrical Appliance
9th Anniversary - Pottery
10th Anniversary - Tin or Aluminium
11th Anniversary - Steel
12th Anniversary - Silk

13th Anniversary - Lace
14th Anniversary - Ivory
15th Anniversary - Crystal
20th Anniversary - China
25th Anniversary - Silver
30th Anniversary - Pearls
35th Anniversary - Coral or Jade
40th Anniversary - Rubies or Garnets
45th Anniversary - Sapphires
50th Anniversary - Gold
55th Anniversary - Emeralds
60th Anniversary - Diamonds

I don't know exactly what happens after 60 years, but I figure if you make it to 61 and beyond, you've earned the right to make it up as you go. 


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